After falling in love with Handpans and a long period of research where I tried several different Handpans from different makers, I decided I want a Pandakini made. Alfonso builds beautiful instruments and the sound is amazing. My C# Amara has a very rich sound with a long sustain and great timbre. Alfonso also let me be part of the entire process. He sent me several updates and pictures to show how the instrument is coming along. Every time we talked I felt his passion for his work. What impressed me as well is that he goes the extra mile and tunes the Gu. Nice work man! That shows again how dedicated he is to his craft.

thumb Marco

I appreciate Alfonso‘s passion and patience for his craft very much. Therefore I always enjoy his presence and energy in his workshop. His passion and focus is part of all his pans. Lucky to got one of his beautiful pans that sound and vibration follows me now on my way. Thanks Alfonso!


thumb Michael Jakobs

The Instruments from Pandakini are outstanding with this unique feel, look and especially sound. Somehow afonso achieve a very specific timbre in his pans that i find very unique i the handpan world and i have played many different pans from different makers. I can clearly see the depth of intentions he set while building handpans and dealing with him in any form is just more then pleasent. A very funny and important human to meet. Cheers 🤙🏽❤️

thumb Flavio Salvaje