I appreciate Alfonso‘s passion and patience for his craft very much. Therefore I always enjoy his presence and energy in his workshop. His passion and focus is part of all his pans. Lucky to got one of his beautiful pans that sound and vibration follows me now on my way. Thanks Alfonso!


Michael Jakobs Avatar Michael Jakobs

I had my new handpan made by Alfonso this spring. I had some extravagant wishes on my scale, but he managed to incorporate all of my ideas and I am very astonished by the clear sound and amazing sustain of this wonderful new instrument, that I immediately fell in love with.

Alfonso updated me frequently on the progress, sending pictures and sound samples of the instrument and I felt that I was part of the whole process. When working on the finishing of the instrument, I could even shape the final look a bit myself.

I would recommend visiting Alfonsos workshop to get a feel of the good vibes and his years of experience in building handpans yourself!

Robert Hörning Avatar Robert Hörning

13.4.2018, that is the birthday of this beauty, a handmade Handpan, built by Pandakini. It was a pleasure to see and feel how he brought my personal "dream-scale" into playable reality. I am so grateful, thank you! Since then, this fantastic instrument has accompanied me on my life-journey and has brought nothing but joy and healing to me and to everyone who listens! I really can say out of direct experience, that this magical instrument has the power to transform lifes and heal with its beautiful sounds. Pandakini is a highly recommended builder! Although i hope you other guys don't order in the next month, because i might be ordering my second Pandakini-Handpan soon, hahaha! 🙂

Philip Kammerl Avatar Philip Kammerl