Q – What is a Pandakini?

A – Pandakinis are  Handpans or Pantams, crafted in Berlin, Germany.

Q – What scales are available for a Pandakini?

A – Customization is a big point of our instruments! The Handpans tab on this website provides some examples of scales that we are comfortable offering, however, of course they are not limited to the ones on this list. For scale customization options, please contact us at HandpanMusic@gmail.com

Q – How much does a Pandakini instrument cost?

A – It all depends on several factors, being the scale and amount of notes a big point. Please contact us at HandpanMusic@gmail.com for further inquiries.

Q – Is it necessary to make a full pre payment?

A – Simple answer is No. But in order to filter serious requests from just general interest, a small non-refundable deposit might be requested just before the start of the building process, specially if its a uncommon scale. As soon as the instrument is ready for pick up or shipping, that amount is subtracted from total amount.

Q – Can I pay with Crypto currency?

A – Short answer is yes, but for further enquires please contact us at HandpanMusic@gmail.com

Q – Is it possible to pay in installments?

A – Its possible to pay in instalments using Paypal (Germany). Associated fees are in charge of costumer, to be payed in cash. For help on this process please contact us at HandpanMusic@gmail.com

Q – How much time it takes to produce and deliver an instrument?

A – As a rough estimation it can take between 2 weeks to 6 months or more, depending on the size of current waiting list. Why so much time? Working metal is a very demanding task and a very large part of the work is done by hand. The focus on Pandakini handpans is on quality rather than in quantity and a lot of energy and attention to detail is allocated in the craft of each single instrument . Besides the manufacturing time, it takes a few weeks for the instrument to fully open itself in terms of sound. Patience is one of the key things in this Handpan world.

Q – In which material are Pandakinis built?

A – Pandakinis are built in nitrided steel (heat treated to improve rust resistance and overall timbre) and Stainless steel. 

Q – How large are Pandakinis, and in what size Evatek will they fit?

A – Pandakinis are approximately 53cm diameter, 26-27cm tall, and weigh approximately 5kg. They fit perfectly in the “Medium” sized Evatek (more information on the Evatek Carrying Case can be found here).

Smallers sizes like 50cm are currently being experimented. They allow you to build other kind of scales because they avoid problematic notes like Bb4 and F#5.

Q – Are Pandakinis provided with a carrying bag?

A – Yes they are! As a standard, they come with a simple shoulder strap carrying bag but an upgrade to a more padded and backpack style bag from Namana is possible, at an additional cost. Please enter in contact at HandpanMusic@gmail.com for further information.

Q – How to take care of my instrument?

A – Pandakini instruments are treated against rust thanks to the nitriding process. Nevertheless prolonged exposure to wet or saline oxygen can cause rust formation. That is why it is useful to take precautions. It is advisable to never store your instrument closed in its bag for prolonged periods of time. Use the bag only for transportation and if you have no other place to store it, open at least the zipper to allow air to circulate. After each time you play, its recommended to use a microfiber cloth to remove possible grease stains before you store it. There are several products on the market suitable for the cleaning and maintenance of handpans. Here a short list of the most common ones: Phoenix Oil, Ballistol, Froglube, Coconut oil, etc.

Q – How much will it cost to ship my Pandakini?

A – We do give preference of local pickup in person in Berlin. We believe that only by trying an instrument in person one can really have the notion if what you are getting is really what you imagined. Nevertheless, shipping might be an option as well and within Europe typically costs between €50-70, but the exact cost will be handled on a instrument to instrument basis. International orders will be handled on a pan to pan basis.

Q – Will my Pandakini get damaged if I play or leave it in direct sunlight?

A – Handpans can temporarily detune when exposed to direct sunlight, but they usually get back to its normal state once they cool down. However, I would avoid exposing the instrument to direct sunlight for an extended period of time. If that should happen, let it cool down before playing it. If played while hot, you have the risk of detuning it permanently. So, do avoid it.

Q – Are there any notes that cannot be tuned on a Pandakini Handpan?

A – Bb4 is a well known problematic note on this sized diameter (53cm) instruments and we do avoid to incorporate it in any scale. Its possible to have this note made but on a different diameter instrument, which we are also offering that option.

Please enter in contact at HandpanMusic@gmail.com for further information.

Q – Is it possible to have bottom notes?

A – The simple answer is, Yes! But it also depends on the requested scale and notes. Some notes might created unwanted issues that can damage the overall sound balance. 

Self understood that an extra fee is charged for each bottom note.

Please enter in contact at HandpanMusic@gmail.com for further information.

Q – Is it possible to tune in 432Hz?

A – Yes. Pandakini Handpans can be tuned in the frequency you desire. Just have in mind that getting an instrument in any frequency besides the standard 440Hz, will stop you from being able to play Music with others unless their instrument is tuned on same frequency.

Please enter in contact at HandpanMusic@gmail.com for further information.

Q – How much does it cost to get my Pandakini retuned?

A – All Pandakinis sold directly have warranty of free retune for 1 year within purchase date. After this period, some additional expense might be charged but normally, assuming it is a “standard” retune and the instrument has not sustained heavy damage, the retune itself is quite affordable! But as expected, everything will be handled on a case by case basis. Shipping of the instrument to and from the Pandakinis workshop is in charge of the owner.

Q – Do you offer retunes for other instruments?

A – I am generally open to retune other  instruments, but whether I will attempt a retune and the cost of such a retune will be handled on a case by case basis. If you have an instrument that you are interested in having retuned, please send an email to HandpanMusic@gmail.com with more information about the instrument.
Shipping of the instrument to and from the Pandakinis workshop is in charge of the owner.

Q – How to choose a scale?

Its advisable you if you have the opportunity to try an instrument with the scale that you would like to order. Playing an instrument is not the same thing as listening to it! Nevertheless, listening to as many different instruments on the internet as possible helps a lot. Note the scales that you like the most.

Q – How or where can I learn to play Handpan?

The Handpan is a very intuitive instrument without the need of years of lessons in order to play something nice. Nevertheless, sometimes we run out of ideas or creativity and enrolling in private lessons or Online course might give the necessary boost into your Musicality.
There are several options of Online courses in the Internet, you just have to find the one that best suits you. One that I can recommend, in terms of content and quality, is the one from David Charrier. 

By clicking on this link DAVID CHARRIER and using the Coupon PANDAKINI you can get a 30$ discount.

Q – If I do not connect with the scale that I ordered, can I swap it for a new one?

A – Its very important to research before and decide well on which scale you want to have. But Im open in offering swaps even if I really prefer to avoid this as its very time consuming and increases the footprint on this planet if shipping back and forward are necessary. Nevertheless, it is important to understand that there are other people who are waiting for an instrument. Pans intended for swaps will be squeezed into the waiting list whenever time permits. So it can take some time.

Q – Can I swap a different kind of handpan for a new Pandakini?

A – Im in general open to that possibility but of course it depends on the instrument. So…if you have a swap in mind, send an email to HandpanMusic@gmail.com and we can discuss it! 😉

Q – Do we offer refunds?

A – In general we dont provide refunds. Only on exceptional cases.

Q – Is there any other question that you dont see answered on this FAQ?

A – Please enter in contact at HandpanMusic@gmail.com for further information.

Q – If I wish to sell or swap my Pandakini, do I have to contact you before doing so?

A – There is no obligation in doing that at all but if you are thinking of swapping or selling your Pandakini, I would be thankful to be informed (although it is not necessary) of its whereabouts. Connecting the new owner with me will also ensure that I can provide them with any  customer service that might be necessary.
I just ask that if a sale occurs, that there is no substantial profit made on the process. But I can only ask for that comprehension. Its only up to the moral of each individual person whether to respect this or not.

But I would be really thankful for this to be respected.